The version of Perceptory 2006 replaces Perceptory's last versions. All schemas already created with older Perceptory version will automatically correct for errors of application if you reinstall Perceptory 2006 or updates.

To know the novelties of this version, please, consult the column What's new ?.

Minimal configuration:

Windows 2000/NT 5.0/XP environments . We can insure that Perceptory will work properly on Windows NT 4.0.

Perceptory is a template of the Visio graphic software. You must install Visio 2000, 2002 or Visio 2003 from the standard version or the professional one.Perceptory cannot work with the Visio viewer downloadable from the Internet. You must use a registrated Professional or Standard version.

The components, such as the code generators and reports generators use files of Microsoft Office . Please, take care of installing the Office suite on your workstation.

Installation files of Perceptory 2006

Please, take care of choosing the installation file that corresponds to your technological environment. For Visio 2002, You must use the installation file corresponding to the Language of Visio (English or French).

  for Visio 2000 for Visio 2002
for Visio 2003
File name :

French version:

English Version:
Size: KB KB 10 KB
Date: December 22th 2005 December 22th 2005 December 22th 2005
Version: 2006.0.0.0 2006.0.0.0 2006.0.0.0


Download this file too:
File name: Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) (MDAC_TYP.exe)
Version: 2.8
File name: Spatiotemporal fonts
Version: 1.0

Read installation instructions.

Read the frequent reported problems.

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Update on :12/15/2005


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